Executive Order on Protecting & Improving Medicare for Our Nation’s Seniors

CALL TO ACTION: YOUR RESPONSE NEEDED! Below is the beginning of the Change.org Petition Executive Order – Protect & Promote Nursing’s Role in Providing Care for Patients.

Dear President Trump,
Thank you for fighting to protect, promote, and provide healthcare to our nation. As health care spending continues to rise, Americans are not receiving the proportionate benefit of living longer, healthier lives. Health care bills are too complex and expensive, choices are too restrained, and insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs are climbing faster than wages and tax revenue. Patients are hit with surprise bills that devastate their families. It makes sense that Americans could receive more effective, high-value care if we remove and revise certain federal and state regulations and policies that inhibit choice and competition. Your executive order is the right fix at the right time and we thank you…

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