Student Mentoring Program


To provide a positive, welcoming, motivational and educational experience to identified students interested in nurse anesthesia education as a profession who attend the Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators through mentoring by experienced CRNA educators.

Objective of the Program

The program will consist of a one-day mentoring experience for a select group of student nurse anesthetists from around the country. Individuals selected for participation will be chosen by their program administrators and mentored by experienced CRNA educators other than their own faculty.

This program will provide an opportunity for students to network with nurse anesthesia educators and other program faculty, introducing students to the educational arena of nurse anesthesia. The primary goal is to provide a mentor for future nurse anesthesia educators.

Criteria for Selection

The Education Committee accepts one student per participating educational program. Each student accepted for the mentoring program must be recommended by the nurse anesthesia educational program administrator. Students are selected on a first-come, first-served basis and are eligible to participate in the mentoring program only one time.

Students – It is an Honor to be Recommended! You have been chosen to participate in the Student Mentoring Program based on the recommendation of your program administrator, who gave serious consideration to students who have expressed sincere interest in nurse anesthesia education as a profession. It is an honor to be recommended. This program is for students who take commitment seriously and are responsible self-starters who show initiative and have a genuine interest in learning more about education and their chosen profession. Congratulations on being accepted!

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