First Candidate School Exclusively for Nurses Launches May 2020

The below information is taken from Beyond The Mask podcast episode #45, “Empowering Politics Nurses In Electoral College”. The FIRST CANDIDATE SCHOOL EXCLUSIVELY FOR NURSES in the country is being launched and will be held at Yale in May. 22 applicants in the first round have been accepted and 28 spots are still available. Two CRNAs were in the first round accepted. We need more CRNAs =). Read on for more information!

“Politics have taken over our country, especially heading into another presidential election, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why more nurses aren’t in office?

Think about the traits people in this profession possess: patience, compassion, negotiating, assertive, and collaborative. We could all benefit from public servants with this skillset but most nurses don’t even consider throwing their hat into the ring for local or national elections.

That’s why we wanted to bring this topic to the front and give it some attention. Not only is important for the profession to have more representation, but it’s a topic that Sharon has been working diligently on. Her and Kimberly Gordon, both Doctor of Nursing Practice Class of 2021 at Yale, are developing a campaign school to train nurses that aspire to hold office. It will be the first of its kind nationally and one that both women feel is overdue.

Both Sharon and Kimberly bring an extensive nursing background to this ambitious project and many people they’ve spoken with around the country are excited about the idea. Join us as we talk about the future of ‘Breaking Down the Barriers’ and how it will empower nurses to take on politics.

Check it out and use the timestamps here to help you navigate through the many topics we discussed.”