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Additional Extended Congress content is available for free on CRNA Knowledge Network, AANA’s streaming video and audio education platform. From clinical information to practice trends, you’ll earn Class A CE Credits and learn from leaders in nurse anesthesia on a collection of topics added weekly through November 20, 2020.
  • APSF: Perioperative Deterioration: Early Recognition, Rapid Intervention, and the End of Failure to Rescue (1 Class A CE)
  • CPC as Easy as 1,2,3. Learning Strategies for the Old Dog Who Needs to Take A New Test (1 Class A CE)
  • This is the LAST Thing I Want to Say! (1 Class A CE)

Coming Soon:

  • Prevention of Emergence Delirium in American Veterans: Best Practice Recommendations (1 Class A CE)
  • Up in a Puff of Smoke: E-Cigarette Use and its Impact for Patients Undergoing Anesthesia (1 Class A CE)
  • Navigating the Last Phase of Your CRNA Career (1 Class A CE)
  • Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management: There’s No “I” in Team! (1 Class A CE)
  • The Opioid Crisis Gripping America: Pain, Euphoria, and the Creation of a New Surgical Complication. Are Your Patients Safe? (1 Class A CE)
  • Implementing a Scheduled, Cost-Effective, Non-Opioid Analgesic Order Set for Post-Cesarean Patients to Reduce Opioid Requirements (1 Class A CE)
  • Basic Transesophageal Echocardiography: The CRNA Perspective (1 Class A CE)
  • Greening the OR: What Can We Do to Make the Perioperative Process More Environmentally Friendly? (1 Class A CE)